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In 1991, S.B. International entered the aftermarket valve arena with its famous E-LOY brand engine valves. SBI's valves quickly became as legendary as its J-LOY valve seat inserts; indeed, the legend lives on today.

All E-LOY engine valves are manufactured utilizing the latest processes, techniques and statistical methods available in the industry today. Materials used consist of Austenitic (Non-Magnetic) or Martensitic (Magnetic) Steels and Nickel Base Super Alloys along with other Cobalt, Iron and Nickel Base facing alloys which have been designed to run in modern unleaded fuel and Diesel engines. Chrome Plating is available where specific engine applications require it.

Gaseous Fuel Applications

S. B. International supplies the most comprehensive model coverage in the industry. We supply valves for factory converted LPG/Propane engines, valves for the most popular Aftermarket converted engines and coverage for the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) engines running in both Automotive and Oil and Natural Gas applications. These engines require a specific combination of valve and seat materials to give good service life. The replacement of ONLY the valve or ONLY the seat can often cause problems for the Rebuilder as one mismatched component will often cause the mating part to fail. It is not safe to assume that a worn valve is all that needs to be replaced. The worn valve may be caused by the use of an incorrect seat material in that application. If you are not sure the mating part is correct for the fuel being used it is always recommended to replace BOTH components at the same time.

Valve Symbols And Explanation

"S" Suffix = Stellite Faced. Required for many Heavy Duty Diesel and some gasoline exhaust valve applications. Used where corrosion and burning are a problem and shown as an optional valve in some applications.

"SN" Suffix = Stellite Faced & Sodium Cooled. Used in some Heavy Duty applications and features a hollow stem which is partially filled with sodium that transfers the heat away from the critical valve head area.

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